How to Make Your Home Comfortable During Winter

Home Comfortable During Winter
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It’s the time of year when you’re most likely to lose electricity, get snowed in, or break down on the side of a snowy road. Yet no matter what mother nature throws your way, there are few things better than coming home to a warm house. That is if you’ve taken the necessary precautions in getting your home ready for winter! Here are ways to make your home as comfortable as possible during winter.

1. Bring in the Light

When natural light is scarce, it’s easy to feel gloomy and depressed. When the weather outside is less inviting, ensure that there are plenty of lights in your home, so you don’t get down in the dumps. This works better than you might expect, as research suggests that sunlight helps boost serotonin levels and can increase your energy and alertness.  Try looking for some good lamps, a new ceiling light design or even a good desk light.

2. Check the Furnace Filter

When natural light isn’t sufficient, it’s often easier to turn on the lights. It’s much harder to bring in actual warmth. Ensure your furnace filter is clean to prevent dust accumulation and other blockages this winter. If your filter is clean and you’re still not getting the warmth you’re looking for, you may be in need of furnace repair. A thorough inspection will help prevent your furnace from breaking down or failing at a crucial time. It’s also a good idea to examine the vent pipe to ensure it is clear and free of ice, snow, or vegetation.

3. Try a Fireplace Plug

During the winter, there’s often a noticeable draft that comes from your fireplace. This is caused by the fact that cold air is sucked in through cracks or holes in your fireplace. A fireplace plug can help reduce this draft, so you’re not constantly shivering or feeling chilled.  If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, then no worries!

4. Inspect Windows and Doors

Sometimes when our portals to the outside aren’t installed correctly, they can create uncomfortable drafts as well.  On particularly cold days, it can be worth it to go around your home looking at the windows and the doors that go outside, feeling for any particularly cold air. If you find any drafts, you can try cutting pieces of aluminum foil and tape them over windows, under doors, and on any borders of either to create a barrier against the wind. While it can be inconvenient when going in and out of your home, this little step can help quite a bit in keeping things cozy inside.

Home Comfortable During Winter
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5. Use Rugs

It’s hard to stay warm when your feet are cold! Use area rugs on your floors and in front of the door, so your feet don’t get chilled. This will also help reduce dust and other allergens brought into the home with every step you take.

6. Investigate the Insulation

It can never hurt to make sure your insulation is still working properly. If you have any exposed walls, such as in your basement or attic, and look to see if the insulation is still full and free of bare patches.  Also, it’s worth examining your ceiling and the borders of your house to make sure there aren’t any leaks or holes through which heat can escape; the cold and wet can often reveal holes that summer doesn’t affect.  These winterizing efforts will definitely pay off in the long term.

It may get cold during the winter season, but there are many ways to make your home more comfortable for you and your family. Do some research, try some of these tips, and experiment with other ways to keep warm. Before you know it, the coldest days of the year will be behind you!

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