Ideas to Help Redecorate a Room

Decorating a room is hard. Redecorating a room can be even harder. With a little creativity, however, you can make the old seem like new again, and you can revive, refresh, and reclaim your living space when you redecorate a room.

Redecorate a Room
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Mirrors can serve multiple purposes in a room. If you position them near windows, for example, you can reflect natural light throughout the space; it’s a common trick for making small rooms seem bigger and airier. You can also use mirrors as accessories for whatever style or aesthetic that you’re trying to reflect in your interior design. A rustic, country-themed room can have a mirror frame made out of reclaimed wood. A bohemian space can have mirrors with free-spirited designs like sunflowers or moon phases.

Object Displays

You can turn any object into art when you create a visual display out of it. Collections can be particularly striking since you’re able to hang up multiple pieces of something. Whether it’s hats, bowls, baseball cards, jewelry, or snow globes, you can turn them into household decorations by hanging them on hooks or putting them on a shelf. Particularly valuable items can go behind display cases to draw even more attention to them.

Art and Photo Prints to Redecorate a Room

Photos are a great way to add a personal touch to a room, especially if it’s an office space where your decor options are limited. You can create things like picture ledges or gallery walls, or you can display your favorite photos with string lights, binder clips, or easel frames. You can also play around with things like glass or metal printing to bring a 3D element to your home decor. As for wall art, your display options are very similar to photos, but you can also go bigger and more dramatic with things like poster prints or canvas hangings of your favorite artists.

Redecorate a Room
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Repurposed Furniture

If you’re the crafty type, repurposed or “upcycled” furniture can make your interior design truly one of a kind. Since it’s done by hand, it’s completely unique to you, and it’ll fill your home with your own creative energy. Think about projects like turning dressers into vanity tables, chairs into patio swings, and coffee tables into benches and ottomans. If you have any leftover wood pallets or metal scraps, you can whip up some other DIY crafts as well.

If you’ve gotten bored of your interior design, consider these tips on how to redecorate a room. Some are as simple as printing photos while others involve rolling up your sleeves and refurbishing old couches, but at the end of the day, all changes will help to bring a fresh and positive feeling to your home.

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