How To Make Your Home Appear Bigger

Do you have limited space within your home that you are struggling to utilise without it looking small and cramped? Then this article is for you. Although most of us would love a big home with unlimited space, that’s not realistic and often not what we can obtain. Therefore, I have created this blog that outlines how to use your space to your advantage to make it appear bigger. 

Home Appear Bigger
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I have outlined 5 tricks that you can apply to your home without having to complete a whole renovation to make your home appear bigger. By following this article, you can create a space you love on a realistic budget. 

Keep the decor simple

The first and possibly the biggest trick is to keep the decor simple. Most of us have Pinterest boards filled with decor inspiration and items we want to incorporate into our home, but sometimes this can lead to overcrowding our space with decor items, making it look cramped. 

Instead, pick out a few decor pieces that are an absolute must for you that you can incorporate, I’d suggest keeping them small so that you can easily add them to a shelving unit or windowsill in your home. This way, you are still able to decorate in the way you wish without utilising too much space. 

For the furniture, you need to strip this back to the bare minimum of what you need, for example, you may dream of having a big coffee table centred in the living room, but if you don’t actually need one then you are just wasting vital space. When it comes to furnishing a smaller space, you have to compromise on what you want versus what you need. 

Let as much light in as possible

Utilising the light to your advantage is a great way to create the illusion that you have a bigger space. There are many ways that you can do this, the most obvious being to install large windows that let in as much light as possible. It’s also best practice to avoid windows that have a pattern on them so that you can get as much out of them as possible.

If you are lucky enough to have the skills to install your own windows, or you know someone that can then there are loads of UPVC window manufacturers that you can get supply-only windows from. 

Another way that you can utilise light to your advantage is through the use of mirrors and reflective objects. Utilising these throughout your home will reflect the light, making your space appear bigger.


Place your furniture strategically 

Where you place your furniture can have a big impact on the way your home looks and feels. Squishing your furniture together or against the wall can make it look cramped, thus making your home appear smaller. 

Instead, try keeping a bit of space between the wall and your furniture and other furniture items. Creating negative space will create the illusion of a bigger home. You also need to avoid chunky furniture items that don’t fit your space. Try going for sleek and delicate pieces of furniture. 

Home Appear Bigger
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Keep a clear pathway

Keeping a clear pathway is essential if you have limited space. Not only will this direct people as to where they should walk but it will also mean they avoid having to squeeze past furniture and snake in and out of bulky decor items that take up most of the space. 

By keeping a clear pathway, you’re opening your space and allowing people to pass through your home with ease. 

Paint the walls, ceiling and skirting board the same color

Painting the walls, ceiling and skirting board the same colour will help to blur the sharp edges of your space, giving the illusion that you have a bigger home. When it comes to the colour, I’d suggest going for a light colour to keep the walls bright as this will also help the room appear more open and airy. 

If you wanted to take your decor a step further, then try incorporating vertical panelling onto the walls. Utilising vertical panelling will help to make the walls appear taller, making the overall space look bigger. This is also a great way to save money when renovating your space.

Are you ready to transform your space?

Now that I have shared my top tricks on how to make your home appear bigger, it’s time for your to try these tricks out for yourself and see how you can transform your space with a few simple tricks. 
Make sure to keep your space looking as bright as possible with the use of natural lighting and brightly coloured walls so you can keep your space looking open all year round. You also need to ensure that you choose the right decorating style for your home to avoid it looking cramped.

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