5 Things to Do When Your Garage Door Stops Working

when your garage door stops working
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Your garage provides important protection to your vehicles, belongings, and even your family members by keeping them out of the weather and secured from theft. When something goes wrong with the doors on your garage, that protection is at risk. The problem could be any of a number of things, but you should always start by working through these five steps when your garage door stops working and you need the issue resolved.

Check the Breakers

Sometimes an unusual load hits the circuit that carries your garage door openers. If it does, the breaker will trip and leave the system without power. Head to your breaker box and see if any of the switches are in the neutral or “tripped” position. If so, reset them and see if that gets your doors going again.

Try Different Switches

Your garage door is probably set up with an opener in each car and a wall-mounted switch somewhere in the house. If you have been unable to open the door with one, check the other. The remote in your vehicle may just need batteries, or there could be a problem with the wiring in your wall switch.

Look at the Plug

Most garage doors are plugged into a receptacle that’s mounted on the ceiling of the garage. Over time, gravity could possibly let the plug slowly work its way out, eventually causing it to lose contact with the power supply. Check it from floor level, and if you feel safe doing so, climb a ladder and push the plug into the outlet.

when your garage door stops working
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Examine the Belt or Chain

Your door is moved up and down by a chain or belt connecting the motor to the top of the door. If it breaks, the motor will run without moving the door. This is a job that will require the skills of a garage door repair service, someone like Plano Overhead Garage Door, but your diagnosis can help them know what to bring when they come to visit you.

Check for a Broken Spring

Above the door header is a long spring that helps manage the weight of the door. It is tightly coiled and very dangerous to handle. Over a period of years, it can rust and become brittle, eventually breaking and leaving your door stuck. If you see a gap this spring, it may be broken. Call a professional to check it out.

Keeping your garage door working is important for your family’s safety and security. Be prepared to work through this simple checklist if it breaks down.

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