AC Repair Vs AC Replacement

How Do You Know When It’s Time

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Most air conditioners are built to last you for a couple of decades and will deliver amazing results for your home. Air conditioners usually last for 15 years and may even serve you for over 20 years if you maintain them properly. Let’s dig a little deeper on the topic of AC repair vs AC replacement.

However, it is prone to damage or deterioration. Its performance will eventually suffer even when you do checkups or regular maintenance. There will come a day when you must decide whether it needs repair or replacement.

But how can you distinguish what your air conditioning system needs? Will having it repaired be enough to fix it? Or do you have to replace the whole thing? You may encounter this dilemma, and you need to consider which option is best for your home.

Here are some guidelines to know if you need AC repair vs AC replacement.

When to Repair your Air Conditioning Unit

In most cases, you don’t need to replace your air conditioning system if the issues are minor. For instance, an electrical problem or a clogged condenser can easily be fixed by your local AC specialists. 

If your air conditioner is less than ten years old, a quick repair will probably get it back running properly. Air conditioner technicians can fix most newer models of ACs. All you need is to contact them for emergency AC repair

Speaking of repairs, you will know when there is no need to replace your cooling system yet when the repair costs are low and the breakdowns are few. This usually means your air conditioner is performing well.

An A/C unit that is properly sized for your house means you won’t need to replace it for a very long time. It is still compatible with your home and can effectively cool the air in your rooms.

Another factor is when your AC system has a high SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The rating indicates how efficient it is, thus reducing your electricity bills.

These conditions indicate that the A/C system just needs quick repairs or maintenance to get it up and running again. If these situations are true for your unit, you won’t have to worry about buying a new one just yet.

AC Repair Vs AC Replacement
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When to Replace your Air Conditioning System

Unfortunately, an air conditioner will eventually fail to work. The next logical step to make is to buy a new one. Another factor to consider is if it has been with you for ten years or more. In most cases, repairing an AC unit of old age might prove more costly than installing a new one. Old air conditioners will most likely break down often as well.

You might also want to replace an air conditioning unit if it sustained damage to main parts such as condenser coil, compressor, blower motor, etc. Worse, you might need AC replacement even if the unit is new or has been with you for less than ten years.

When you’re A/C system has low SEER, it is time to replace it because you will end up with soaring power bills. Speaking of efficiency, an air conditioner that is too small or too big for the house won’t be able to provide cool air to the rooms properly. So, get a new one compatible with your home needs.

Sometimes, your air conditioner no longer cools your rooms even though you already have it fully repaired. This is a clear indication that it needs replacement.

You also need to replace an air conditioning system that uses Freon. This refrigerant has now been banned in the US since 2020. Evidence shows that they are hurting the planet’s ozone layer, thus contributing to global warming.

AC Repair Vs AC Replacement

There are plenty of other conditions to consider before you can decide to have your air conditioner simply repaired or to replace it entirely. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you come to the decision that will best serve you.

AC Repair Vs AC Replacement

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