3 HVAC Marketing Ideas Or Strategies Proven To Attract Leads And Increase Profits 

HVAC Marketing Ideas
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Getting leads for an HVAC business can be competitive, but you can improve your chances if you know how to do a few things. 

Many of your competitors use the same marketing strategies and platforms, making lead generation much tougher. For instance, a quick search on places like Home Advisor or Craigslist will yield hundreds of professional service providers like yours. Therefore, getting customers is difficult, but we have brought you some HVAC marketing ideas to give you an edge.

3 HVAC Marketing Ideas to 10x Your Lead Generation 

These ideas are proven to yield results and are easy to begin.

#1. Work on your HVAC website 

Many people will hear about a service provider in many ways. It could be through recommendations from friends and family. Guess what they use more often: The internet. 

Why you should try it:

  • According to statistics collated by Hubspot on local businesses, about 4 in 5 of your prospects will use search engines to find local information. In other words, if your website is search engine optimized, it will bring you more traffic and sales. (Don’t know about search engine optimization? We will discuss it below).
  • In the past, most people would call your office directly for discussion. However, in the internet age, 58% of them will first check your brand name or read a review about you online. 

Now you know these stats. Let’s see how you improve your HVAC marketing strategies through web design. 

How to go about it:

  • Make your website design mobile friendly. Many people will be using their phones to check your pages. These users care about how fast the pages load and the aesthetics. 
  • Include details that will make it easy to reach you. For example, put your phone numbers and other contact details where they are easy to find. 

Use Paid Ads

This is one of the most effective HVAC marketing strategies. It involves paying a certain fee for your business pages to be displayed in certain places. 

You can use any of these three methods:

  • Local services ads. You pay a certain amount for search engines to show your page.
  • Pay per click 
  • Social media marketing 

Why you should try it:

  • It gives you a higher chance of showing your business to people. Ads are like paying for a chance for your business to be announced or talked about in a place where prospects are already listening or using it. 
  • Using paid search ads also puts you ahead of other competitors. For instance, when people search for certain terms, Google will show a list of pages. If you pay for ads, they will put you ahead of them in the search result. 

How to go about it:

  • First, you need to know the costs, which are determined by location, the competitiveness of terms you want to appear for, etc. For instance, an ad for an “HVAC service in New York” will probably cost more than that of “HVAC in a small town” in the United States. Ensure you check with the provider of local ads, such as Google or Bing 

Don’t want to learn and do all this yourself?… 

It doesn’t make sense. You have too much on your plate already. Outsource your HVAC SEO and marketing to a highly experienced company like SkyrocketResultsSEO.com.

Heating and Cooling business SEO and marketing services should make you 2-3 times more revenue than their fee might be.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The point of this entire post is to give you a couple of HVAC Marketing ideas that you can combine to bring amazing results.

 You must do more to get hundreds of leads while others struggle to get one, and one of the ways to get that is called SEO.

Why you should try:

Hubspot says 69% of marketers invested in SEO in 2021. So the question is, why do so many marketers care about it?

Search Engine Optimization focuses on how search engines work and how humans use them to find results. 

With that knowledge, you can better understand what to do to give your business pages a better chance to rank when people use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Duckduckgo. 

The best thing about working on SEO is that it can bring more leads even when you have stopped putting effort into it. Often, it can bring leads for a long time. 

How to go about it:

  • Understand how search engines work and use the knowledge to develop your websites and create content. Google has an easy-to-use guide on the topic.
  • Hire SEO consultants if you can afford one. 
HVAC Marketing Ideas
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Tips to Compliment Your HVAC Marketing Strategy

You should work on the tips below as soon as you start getting leads.

  • Many people who ask how to market my HVAC business need to know that getting clients is just a start. What will you do after the sales call? Focus on customer retention at all times. How you handle or serve your customers is one of the best ways to get repeat customers. If you treat them well enough, they will leave good reviews and recommend your company to others. You can do that by telling the truth, offering more value than your competitors, responding to calls on time, and giving them a service worthy of their money.
  • If you have used HVAC marketing strategies that didn’t work, go over the results and answer why they didn’t work. Then, you can use the lesson to learn and develop effective HVAC contractor marketing. 
  • Ask for reviews and feedback. It tells you what to do better or what to improve. Questions such as “what do you think we can improve” or “how do you hear about us,” are some ways HVAC marketing companies improve their strategies. 

Author Bio:

Mark Buckingham is an HVAC SEO and Internet Marketing Expert with over 21 years of experience helping Heating and Cooling businesses get to the top of Google. As the founder of Skyrocket Results SEO, he’s on a mission to help HVAC contractors, Plumbers and Electricians avert internet marketing mistakes, avoid wasted marketing dollars and grow their business. His free HVAC company marketing blog is: www.SkyrocketResultsSEO.com/blog

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