A Day in the Life of a Tree Surgeon

tree surgeon
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Taking care of trees can be difficult for an individual gardener. While we do the best we can to keep our little slices of paradise in tip-top condition there are some tasks that can be just too difficult for us as individual gardeners, and those are the times we need to call in the professionals such as tree surgeons, to help us out.

And when it comes to the more difficult tasks in our gardens, tree surgeons are there to make sure our trees and hedges are the best that they can be.

So, what is a typical day in the life of tree surgeons in Colchester? Read on to find out!

tree surgeon
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Keeping Colchester green

As you may have guessed, a day in the life of a tree surgeon isn’t as simple as pulling out a saw and hacking away. The kinds of jobs surgeons can do cover a wide variety of different options, from shearing hedges to maintaining entire forests, and every day can present a new challenge.

Of course, no job can ever be started without the right paperwork. From health and safety forms to documentation ensuring that the trees they’re dealing with aren’t protected by the local council, a tree surgeon has to be willing to spend plenty of time researching the job they need to do. Everything from the weather to the right tools needs to be checked before a single surgeon starts working on a tree. 

Once all the due diligence has been completed, it’s time to prep the work site, making sure that all health and safety regulations are being followed and that all the necessary equipment has been prepared and safely set up.

And finally, they can then work on their tasks! Whether they’re cutting back the crown of a tree so that it doesn’t overgrow, coppicing a forest floor or trimming a bush or hedge, tree surgeons are there to take on the jobs that are just too big for the average gardener.

Tree by tree and job by job

As a rule, being a tree surgeon covers a wide variety of work, and each day can bring a new challenge for them to face. Clients can range from private homeowners to local councils and commercial businesses, all of whom will have different requirements for their work. One day a tree surgeon can be dealing with an unruly hedge, and the next they can be up a crane working on the top of a tree.

It’s completely different from any other form of work and offers new challenges all the time to those who make it their career, combining aspects of gardening, sculpting, and even disease control into a single whole, all the while maintaining the health of trees so that they can go on living for many years to come.

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