Why Is It Bad if I Let My Dog on the Furniture?

Most people consider their pets to be members of the family or their best friends. Their presence can bring much joy and excitement into our own homes. They keep us company, help us relax, reduce anxiety and encourage us to go outside and move around. Your relationship with your dog has been scientifically proven to affect emotion positively.

Is it ok to let your dog on the furniture?

dog on the furniture

Having a pet also comes with challenges; nothing happens exactly as you expect. One of those challenges is whether or not you should allow your dog on the furniture. Should you let your dog get on the couch? Should your dog sleep in your bed?

You shouldn’t allow your dog on the furniture for many reasons, mainly because they can spread germs and build bad habits.

Reasons to Not Let Your Dog Use Your Furniture

Spread of Dirt and Diseases

As humans, we all love our pets as much as our human friends and family, and that doesn’t change the fact that they are still animals. Bringing in dirt and debris from the dirty outside is part of their nature. Most of it, as we all know, ends up on the furniture where we lounge or sleep. There are infectious illnesses that can be transmitted from dogs to humans.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Maltipoo or a Golden Retriever, small or big; they can all carry diseases and get dirty. And you’ve got to be extra careful if your dog has puppies. Suppose your dog has diseases while you have your Golden Retriever, Cavapoo, or any dog. This is a concern because diseases are transmissible between humans and other animals, and horrible situations can arise from spreading these germs. 

Allergens if you let your dog on the furniture

Many people with allergies will choose a breed such as Cavapoos because they are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. After searching for Cockapoo puppies for sale and eventually getting your pup, you may have believed you didn’t need to worry about any allergies in the future, but this may not be the case. 

Each time you walk your dog outside and return home, your pup’s paws and fur become allergen carriers. In this case, pollen and dust are the most common culprits, and your dog can transfer them onto your bed or couch, which will worsen or cause more allergy symptoms.

And then, of course, there is shedding, which is a natural process for our canine friends that unfortunately result in loose hair showing up on our furniture and around the entire house.

It Affects Sleep Quality

It’s nice that we can go to bed and wake up to a cute ball of fur next to us, but some people may find that bed-sharing negatively impacts their sleep cycle. Dogs twist and turn a lot while sleeping, just like humans do.

If you allow your dog to be on the couch or in your bed, you will need to steam clean your mattress/sofa cushions frequently or buy a new mattress altogether.

Negative Impact on Your Dog’s Behavior

Dogs are territorial animals. If you let your dog sit on the couch or sleep in bed with you, you may accidentally signal them that these areas are part of their territory. You may start to notice them growling at you or other people when others are attempting to use the furniture.


Most of us don’t want to get sick or transfer diseases to another person or animal, but some people don’t care. Some people are selfish and only think about themselves; being selfish can kill people. There are way more cons to this topic than there are pros. Just take care of your dog and furniture, and everything will be ok. Give your dog baths and frequently grooming to prevent potential diseases or sicknesses.

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