Where to Put Your New CCTV Camera for Maximum Home Security


Most people want to feel safe and protected as they spend time in their homes each day. Although durable locks and security lights are effective, they don’t always prevent intruders from breaking into the building. If you’re ready to install a CCTV camera on your property, there are a few places they’ll prove to work well and can allow you to monitor your property.

CCTV security camera


Front Door


The front door is the most common area where intruders try to break in and often approach as they attempt to see if anyone is home. The front door is one of the main lines of defense, making it necessary to have a camera present so you can determine if it’s safe to open the door when someone is waiting outside. If your porch is enclosed, you can install the camera in the corner under an awning for increased visibility.




Many intruders also attempt to break into the home through the garage or also tamper with vehicles that are parked in the driveway. CCTV camera installations should include the garage area to ensure you can get a clear view of anyone that attempts to break into the garage or mess with, or even steal, your car.




The backyard also needs to be monitored to determine if anyone is on the property and is trying to find a way to get into your home. Place the camera in a prime location that offers a view of the entire yard and isn’t obstructed by any trees or awnings that are present.




If you want a higher level of security, you can also install cameras indoors to ensure every part of the property is closely monitored. If an intruder breaks into the house, you can immediately notify the police and monitor their activity in the building. Cameras should be installed in high-traffic areas where intruders are prone to walk. This includes hallways and living rooms, as well as stairwells. The cameras should also be placed in areas that are out of reach or easily noticeable. Avoid placing the cameras in bedrooms or bathrooms where your family members spend time each day, which are off-limit areas and would invade their privacy.


Once you discover the best places to install CCTV cameras on your property, it can allow you to monitor the indoor and outdoor space better. In addition, you can monitor the cameras remotely and immediately contact the authorities if you notice any suspicious behavior on the property, which can protect your safety and reduce the risk of loss.

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