How to Get Your Water Heater Repaired in a Timely Manner

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If you lose hot water due to damage to your water heater, you will be stuck with cold showers and cleaning water until you schedule water heater repair. In a commercial setting, such as a restaurant, no hot water can halt business operations. For a residence, the lack of hot water leads to complaints and discomfort. Whatever your situation, learn how to get your water heater repaired in a timely manner.

Recognize When You Need Water Heater Repair

If you take pre-emptive action, you can repair your water heater before it stops producing hot water. Inspect your water heater for leaks regularly. You should also inspect for unusual noises. Clanking can indicate loose components inside the unit. Whistling can indicate high water pressure levels. Getting to know your water heater is a great way to learn how to anticipate what repairs it might need in the future. When you know more about it, you can make better decisions about it and it will enable you to repair it more efficiently when needed.

Buy Parts Yourself

One thing that can slow down water heater repair is waiting for parts. If you need a specific part, you may have to wait for the manufacturer to mail it to you. If the manufacturer no longer makes the part in question, you may have to search for the part and pay a lot for it. Talk to your plumber about whether it makes more sense to go through with the repair or simply replace the entire unit. Buying parts yourself is easier than waiting on a company to order them for you. When you order them yourself, it makes everything a lot easier.

Create a Backup Source of Hot Water

You can find alternative ways to heat your water while you wait for the water heater repair. For example, you can install a small point-of-use water heater near the most popular fixtures, such as the primary shower and kitchen faucet. It won’t produce as much hot water, but it can give you enough to shower for a few days. You can also buy an immersion heater to heat up the bath water. Alternatively, you can shower at the gym and heat cleaning water on the stove.

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Provide Water Heater Information to the Repair Company

Before you call your repair tech, collect information about your water heater. You can find the make and model of the water heater on the label. You’ll also get the specific serial number of your product, which you’ll need if the water heater still has a warranty. If the label fell off, call the manufacturer to have someone help you identify the water heater. You should at least know some of the basics about your water heater, so be sure to familiarize yourself with it. This will help in many innumerable ways.

Most homeowners don’t think too much about their water heater until it stops working properly. Luckily, numerous plumbers offer quick water heater repair. Contact your local repair tech to learn about their availability now.

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