When It’s Time to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator?

Bed Bug Exterminator

DIY remedies for bed bugs can come in handy for small infestations. Yet, if you think the situation is about to worsen if the bugs keep coming back, you should immediately call an exterminator. For this, you need to know when it’s time to call a bed bug exterminator. There are a few signs regarding the infestation that can indicate a professional’s presence

When Should You Call a Bed Bug Extermination Service? 

Bed bug symptoms can often be confused with those of other pests. Hence, generally, identifying and eliminating bed bugs should be left to professionals, as in bed bug control services. Still, there are some key signs which you can look out for. If you think any of the below signs are present at your home, you should instantly reach out to a professional. 

Bite Marks from bed bugs 

Bed bugs are most active at night and generally bite people when they are asleep. The bugs feed by puncturing the skin and sucking blood through their long beaks. They feast themselves for approximately 3-10 minutes before crawling away unseen. 

The bites are painless at first but eventually transform into itchy blotches. While these tiny bumps might not be that severe, some cases can lead to welts, rashes, or even blisters. The bites frequently appear in a zig-zag manner on your exposed skin parts during the night.  

Bed bug shedding 

When bed bugs shed, their skins are frequently left behind as evidence that they have been hiding in your home. This is yet another indication that you should consult a professional.

Blood stains or fecal spots 

If you find brown fecal spots or blood stains lining your mattress or lines, you need to seek professional assistance. These markings are left behind by the blood they have been sucking from the homeowner, in this case, you or feces they have been releasing after they are done with their feeding.

Large numbers visible 

Bed bugs are tiny but they are still visible. If you find a huge number of bed bugs in one single location, you need to reach out to a bed bug exterminator. As bed bugs do not have colonies or nests, the increase in their visible population implies that the infestation is spreading and becoming worse. 

Reoccurring infestations 

If you have employed multiple methods to get rid of the bugs and in spite of it all, the infestations keep on reoccurring, this case might be out of your hands. Call a bed bug extermination specialist in Houston to offer a final solution. 

Expanding locations 

You will usually find bed bugs around your mattresses or even furniture as that way they can have access to abundant food sources.

If you see these bugs appearing on computer screens and keyboards, window frames, power outlets, or any other areas in your house that they do not usually use as their shelter spots, this means their regular hiding spots are too big for their growing population. 


After reading this article, you should now have no further confusion about when it’s time to call a bed bug exterminator. Contrary to some opinions, reaching out to professionals is worth it as they can quickly fix the problem without making any mess. Now, you can prevent a lot of hassle for you and your family by making a phone call at the right moment.

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