Small Kitchen Storage Ideas for Every Layout

Kitchen Storage Ideas
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Kitchens require a lot of equipment, pots and pans, appliances like coffeemakers and toasters and utensils of various kinds. Small kitchens simply don’t have the space you require to store everything you need to cook your meals.

How to Organise Your Kitchen

Some inventive ways to organise a small kitchen efficiently and create a better flow include:

Hang PVC rods in a cabinet

Place PVC rods under each shelf and anchor them well. Hang a few S hooks on each one, and it turns into a handy way to organise everything from mugs to bags of seasoning.

Use wire beverage racks in the fridge

The items in your fridge are probably all over the place, taking up room. The right size wire beverage rack will allow you to use the vertical space, and each item, for example, cans, will be easier to access whenever you want it. 

Use the space on the cabinet doors

You can hang a series of hook screws on the inside of a cabinet door. They are very tiny, so they won’t poke through the outer part of the cabinet door. 

They’re actually so small that the only thing they’ll hold is measuring cups and spoons that usually take up space in the utensil drawers and create clutter. Label each one under the hook to avoid grabbing the wrong one and help you keep them in order. 

Use a dishwashing caddy on the sink

These small plastic units are designed to fit on the corner of the sink where they’ll remain unobtrusive. They can hold the sponge, the dish soap and the scrubber, and this way, all of your necessities will be within reach and out of the way. 

Stack together basket drawers to create multi-use units

Place several basket drawers in a cabinet, and its storage capacity will automatically double. Each drawer can be pulled out of the frame, making it easy to access its contents. Designate each drawer for a specific type of item to optimise your kitchen even further. 

Plastic magazine holders

You can use plastic magazine holders to organise different items in the kitchen. The type of magazine holders designed to hold multiple issues can prove very handy in the kitchen. For example, hang them on the inner doors of your pantry or cabinets and place boxes of plastic bags or aluminium foil in them. 

Office storage devices

Yes, you can turn office plastic storage devices into fridge shelf organisers. For example, the ones designed for magazines can hold individual yoghurt cups. Alternatively, you can also look for special plastic bins designed for the fridge. 

Invest in spice racks

There are many types of spice racks that come in different shapes and sizes. One of the best ones is designed to hold your spices stacked both vertically and horizontally. The jars are arranged horizontally on the rack, and each shelf pulls out so you can access them. That way, you can fit a lot more into a small space and avoid clutter. 

Make use of areas that are usually empty

Think of ceiling baskets with multiple tears on one single hook that holds them to the top. It’s a great way to stay organised and use vertical space. These baskets can hold kitchen items like fruits and spices or anything you can think of that is not too heavy.

Put magnetic shelves on your refrigerator

Instead of souvenir magnets and hanging pictures, save up space and use a few of them differently. Depending on the strength of the magnet, they can hold up a number of small things on a custom-built stand, for example. 

Install pot racks

Some types hold only pots and pans, while others are designed to be shelves as well. You can hang your pans below and use the shelf for things like cookbooks. Whichever you choose, they’ll allow you to use the vertical space efficiently. 

Over-the-door organiser

Hang an over-the-door organiser on the inside of your cabinet doors. These kinds of devices slip over the top of the cabinet door and are held in place by a hanging bar. The organiser itself has everything from aluminium foil and plastic wrap to cutting boards and other slim items. This is the perfect solution if you don’t want to mar their surface with nails. 

Use wire racks to create additional shelves in the cabinetry

The lack of shelves is one of the most common problems in most kitchens. Each cabinet comes with two shelves, but there’s a lot of room in between that could be used better. Using wire racks in the right shape and size will help you double your kitchen storage capacity.

Re-home all of your dry goods

It may sound like a hassle, but it’ll save you a lot of space. A series of air-tight containers with labels will fit nicely on the shelves and help you keep things organised. You won’t have to worry about cluttering your shelves with half-empty packages. 

Use the walls of your kitchen

You can use the walls of your kitchen to their utmost advantage by mounting wire baskets of varying shapes and sizes on them. Depending on how deep they are, you can put spices, utensils, cleaning tools and other items in them. Whatever doesn’t fit elsewhere can go into these bins on the wall. 

Invest in a “Lazy Susan”

A lazy susan is a flat, spinning piece of plastic or wood that’s designed to fit into a corner. It’ll prevent things from cluttering and make it easier to access what’s stashed on them. 

Standing pot rack

To organise your pots, pans and plates, you can use a standing pot rack. Nesting your pots and pans together is always challenging because you need to get them in the proper order, or they’ll topple down. They also take up quite a bit of cabinet space. A standing pot rack will allow you to easily keep them organised. 

Install magnetic knife strips

Since knives are magnetic, there’s no need to clutter up a drawer with them. Magnetic knife strips go right on the wall, allowing your blades to hang out where you need them most – right over and not on the counter. 

In case you need a helping hand with some of these tasks, consider using a professional handyman service near you.

Are You Ready to Optimise Your Kitchen Space in a New, More Effective Way?

Now, you have plenty of ideas on how to transform your small kitchen into a master chef spotlight. Let your creative side out, and we know that you can alter the kitchen space in a way that will help you store the most needed items with ease.

And if you are planning a whole kitchen remodelling, then this article will give you some useful tips on how to do it.

And don’t forget to brag about it when you are done.

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