Signs You Need Your Gutters Replaced


You may not give a lot of thought to the rain gutters that are installed on your roof, but they play an important role in your house. The gutters are built to be durable and hold up well outdoors, but eventually, reach the end of their lifespan. There are a few common signs you need your gutters replaced that you need to look for to determine if it’s time to replace the parts.

signs you need your gutters replaced


Large Gaps


You may start to notice large gaps that develop in the gutters as the parts start to separate. This can allow a lot of water to leak out, which prevents the gutters from doing their job. There may also be cracks that are present, which can become more severe over time and allow water to seep through the materials.


If you fail to replace the gutters it can cause watermarks to develop beneath the gutters. This can cause stains to develop on the siding on your house, which can affect your home’s curb appeal.




When gutters reach the end of their lifespan, they’re also prone to sagging and pulling away from the roof. This prevents the water from flowing into the gutters and can cause too much water to accumulate near the foundation of the house. The damage can lead to further roof-related issues, making it necessary to immediately replace the gutters and hire a local roofing company, someone like Living Hope Roofing, in order to take care of it.




Old gutters start to develop rust as the materials begin to deteriorate. This can lead to rust stains on the side of the building where water seeps through. Although you can perform repairs, the problem can continue as your gutters continue to wear down. There may also be loose fasteners and nails that begin to separate from the metal materials. If you continue to find the pieces on the ground, it indicates it’s time to replace all of the gutters.


Old Age


Older homes are prone to needing renovations and updates at some point. Among things that will eventually need to be updated or replaced, are getting new gutters. Consider the age of your house, which will indicate when your gutter needs to be replaced. Most gutters last an average of 20 years, depending on how well they’re maintained, as well as the climate they’re exposed to.


As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your gutters in tip-top shape over time to avoid damage to your home and foundation. Working with a local roofing company can allow you to determine when it’s time to replace the materials to promote proper drainage on the property.

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  1. Sagging was something I have been seeing a little more of from my gutters lately. This sounds like a problem that will only get worse the longer I ignore it, and I wouldn’t want to experience something like this in the middle of the winter season. I’ll go and take your advice by finding a gutter expert that can get us a new system right away.

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