From Pumpkins to Icicles: How to Create Seasonal Curb Appeal in the Colder Months

Seasonal Curb Appeal
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When you need to sell your house in the fall or winter, it can feel uninspiring when you look at your curb appeal. There’s not much to do about the wintertime look of grass, even if it is neat and trimmed. However, there are many ways that a few strategic changes to your home’s look and decorations can boost seasonal curb appeal and bring in the right buyer, showing them the home’s full potential. If this is the right time for you, there’s no need to wait to sell!

Make excellent use of light for warmth and home feelings

Whether you tuck an electric votive inside a jack-o-lantern for October or put sweet electric candles in each window in front of the house, light does so much for a home in the winter. Little pops of light on a grey snowy day can draw the eye and immediately cue a potential buyer for what might be inside. Because days are short during the winter, consider lighting your walkways to make them easier to navigate for evening showings, all while showing thoughtful touches in the landscaping to the best effect. 

Go for more generic holiday decorations to appeal widely

Even if the blue and silver of Hannukah or the green and red of Christmas are your typical go-to decorations, a great way to make your home feel homey to anyone who sees it is to keep your holiday decorating as neutral as possible. A cute snowflake or snowman decoration, some icicle lights hung from the edge of the roof, and maybe a beautiful wreath and a Happy Holidays sign all make a home feel decorated for the holidays while still leaving room for people to see themselves in the home’s style no matter what they celebrate. 

Seasonal Curb Appeal
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Decorate with weather-hardy plants for pops of color

Whether it’s seasonal mums in the fall or a poinsettia that can handle sitting on the stoop around the holidays, consider how greenery and other plants can be part of your curb appeal. Yes, many plants will actually languish if you leave them out for days and nights in the cold, but some wintery items can handle a brief jaunt onto the front stoop while you let buyers see the home. It’s tough to make a home seem bright from the outside if the weather is dulling everything, so consider some brightly colored gourds in a display or another form of colorful addition. You can get creative and appeal to your potential buyers at the same time.

No matter which curb appeal efforts fit you best, your real estate agent has seen the real-time reactions of so many buyers as they shop during the winter months. They know what kinds of touches are noteworthy (in a good way!) to buyers who are trying to take in a home during a showing. Take some guidance from a great agent to make your particular home look its best even when selling in the off season. You’ll be glad you got some expert insight and your curb appeal will be top-notch!

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