Roofing Repairs You Might Want to Make Before It Gets Any Colder

Roofing Repairs You Might Want to Make
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The cold winter months are on their way, already bringing the unpleasant symptoms of winter weather. If you haven’t taken any preventative measures, it’s best to do so before winter takes hold. Your roof protects from the wind, rain, and snow. Take time to check it over. Here are some things you may want to do before the cold sets in. The cold weather will set you back, so be sure to maintain your roof all year long. Here are some roofing repairs you might want to make before it gets much colder.

Damaged Shingles

You may see some uncharacteristic damage or even a sizable hole in your roof. This damage is easily noticed as it is usually near the eaves or peaks of your roof. In most cases, this type of damage is caused by heavy winds. Check to see if you have prior repairs you can use for a partial cap to cover this area. Start by removing the damaged shingles and repairing the area. Then, replace them in a manner that will conceal the damage. Damaged shingles are easily replaced, as long as you catch them early. It doesn’t take much time to replace shingles either, so it is a win-win when it comes down to it.

Dry Rot

With cold weather comes the chance of contracting dry rot. This is a fungus that thrives in wet, humid conditions. It often grows in walls and wood rafters but can also grow on your roofing material. As temperatures drop and absorbent properties of water reduce, these fungi can begin to take over your roofing materials. Look for signs of dry rot and replace the wood in question. If you have metal roofing, but the area is beyond repair, apply an anti-fungal coating to prevent the growth of fungi in the future. This should help reduce any possible fungal growth within the roofing materials that compose your home.

Roof Flashing Repairs

If you have a chimney or skylight, you will likely see some leaking around these areas. These leaks are often caused by damaged flashing. The flashing expands and contracts as the temperature changes, causing fractures and damage. Inspect for cracks or broken pieces that allow moisture in. Replace these parts with new flashing to prevent leaks from occurring during the cold weather. Flashing is a fairly simple repair also, but it should probably be done by someone who knows what they’re doing. Using a professional to do this sort of roofing work is smart.

Roofing Repairs You Might Want to Make
Image by FreePik

Roof Vent Repairs

One of the simplest ways to prevent your roof from becoming damaged is to install a vent cap. This cap can be installed on the top of your chimney, skylights, and vents. It will prevent rain and snow from entering your home through these openings. Additionally, it will create a seal that prevents other things from entering.

Most homeowners will not consider roofing repairs until the damage has already occurred. This can lead to more severe problems and often a costly repair bill. You can have peace of mind and enjoy your space by repairing your roof before the cold weather months set in for good.

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