Repairs Your Chimney Might Need

Your home’s chimney might have become more broken down than you’re aware of, and fixing these damages should be a top priority if you want your chimney to still function as it should. Certain damages could make your chimney a dangerous contraption, and any repairs that your chimney might need can be made after professionals have inspected the chimney thoroughly to determine the extent of the problem. If your chimney needs any of the specific repairs listed, you won’t have to do the work yourself when you hire the right professionals for any repairs your chimney might need.

Repairs Your Chimney Might Need
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Crack Repairs

Cracks can form in different parts of a chimney as time passes and because of exposure to the elements. Freezing and thawing cycles throughout the winter can also cause cracks to form. Cracks may form on the interior and exterior chimney sections and are usually difficult to notice without a proper inspection. The mortar crown at the top of the chimney might also have cracks in it that allow water to get into the chimney top and cause more damage if the cracks aren’t repaired.

Chimney Fire Damage Remediation

If a fire ignites inside your chimney because of an excessive soot buildup or other issues that cause it to ignite, the fire could damage the chimney’s inner lining as well as the chimney’s outer bricks and other structures. A chimney fire could put the rest of your home at risk of catching on fire, so you should have your chimney cleaned regularly to lessen your chances of a chimney fire. Professional chimney repair work can fix any of the resulting damage if your chimney has already been damaged by fire, and additional measures can be taken to prevent another fire from occurring.

Crooked Chimney Straightening

A chimney that’s leaning because of structural problems or repair needs that weren’t addressed sooner could break off in sections or collapse entirely if it isn’t straightened. The extra stress that a crooked chimney can put on your home’s roof and other supporting structures could suffer as well. Smoke and toxic gases may additionally get backed up into your home if the crookedness causes the chimney’s inner lining to tear.

Repairs Your Chimney Might Need
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Spalling Repairs

Spalling occurs when chimney bricks start to deteriorate and break off into small pieces. Repair professionals who specialize in chimney service can add new mortar to restore the masonry and add additional waterproofing materials to keep the bricks intact better. However, if the damage is more extensive, the chimney may need to be rebuilt in sections or entirely.

It’s important to give your chimney the proper care and schedule inspections to look for hidden damages and repairs your chimney might need. Professionals who know how to repair all types of chimneys can work hard to restore your chimney and possibly prolong its lifespan.

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