Top 5 Ways To Prep Your Home for Hurricane Season

Prep Your Home for Hurricane
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Hurricane season runs between June and November. The people who reside on the East Coast and the US Gulf Coast are greatly affected by the hurricane’s destructive winds, flooding, tornadoes, and lightning. Even citizens who do not border the coast feel the impact of a hurricane. The meteorologist department cannot always determine when and where the hurricane will have the most damage. That is why you must keep your home and family safe. There are various ways to prep your home for hurricane season.

Check Your Insurance Policy

You need to consider what your homeowner insurance policy covers and does not cover in case you incur damages during hurricane season. Many insurance policies include exclusions. Therefore, you need to opt for other policies to obtain proper coverage. Because hurricanes can cause serious damage to homes, it is important that you are covered. If you believe you need additional coverage, request quotes from your insurance agency or even scout out a policy with better coverage. 

Seal and Secure Your Roof to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes come with massive storms and strong winds. If your roof is not sealed and secured, it might collapse. After a hurricane, you might notice that your roof is sagging, hinges are missing, or even your roof is leaking. Therefore, you will need to seek roofing services from an expert. It is best before hurricane season starts to have your roof inspected because water is known to damage the structure of your roof. However, there is no time like the present. Even if you’re in the middle of hurricane season, it is important to at least know the contact information of your local roofing service in case any damages occur. 

Have an Emergency Kit

Hurricanes can be stressful not only for the potential damages they can cause, but because in some situations your home’s power and utilities will be lost. This means you need to have supplies that do not rely on electricity. In a hurricane situation, you need to have an emergency kit. The kit should have supplies for all family members in the home. The emergency kit can be filled with items such as:

—Flashlight with spare batteries 

—A portable phone charger 

—Lighters in a waterproof bag

—Prescription medicine

—Water, preferably in gallon-sized containers

—Non-perishable foods, such as canned soups, crackers, or bread

—Pet food, if you own a pet 

Prep Your Home for Hurricane
Image by FreePik

Make An Evacuation Plan 

If desiring to avoid the storm, evacuation plans are best used a couple of days before a hurricane, once the path is more accurate. However, evacuation plans are also important in case the aftermath of the storm leaves incredible damage. Remember, do not travel in a hurricane, as in many cities it is against the law for your safety. Therefore, make your evacuation plan for before/after the storm.  

Secure Outdoor Items 

If you own any vehicles, place them in your garage. Make sure to secure any outdoor patio equipment, as the high winds can hurl them towards your home, breaking windows. If you have any animals that are normally outdoors, bring them inside for their safety. You can find more ways to secure your yard before any storm, here.

Hurricanes have the potential to damage homes and property. It is important to take the necessary steps to avoid as much injury as possible. Follow the above steps to prepare your home for hurricane season. 

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