How to Win at Marketing as a Beginner Realtor

Marketing as a Beginner Realtor
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It’s no secret that the real estate world is cutthroat. From high competition on property listings to going out all to secure a client, real estate can be hard – especially if you’re a beginner realtor. 

The one thing that makes surviving easier and more fruitful is marketing. In fact, real estate marketing is a segment all on its own, and utilizing and implementing it smartly will make a world of difference in how well you fare as a realtor. How, you ask? It’s simple, read on to find out!

Here’s how you can market for real estate as a beginner realtor:

Make a Flyer

Flyers are marketing gold, and the same goes for real estate marketing. Easy to keep while put or on the go, the perfect blend of text and visuals, and often landing directly in the target audience’s hands, flyers combine all the elements required of a good – and successful – marketing medium, which is why making one for your real estate business as a beginner realtor will do wonders!

As for the design, you can always make use of PosterMyWall’s real estate flyer templates. Not only is the platform user-friendly and free, but with the level of variety that it boasts, you’re sure to find something that suits your requirements. And the best part is that each design is fully editable and customizable, helping you achieve your custom look. 

Once your flyers are all ready, just print them out and distribute them – or you can even work with a digital version that you send out via email or your social media. 

Build an Instagram Presence 

Speaking of social media, building a presence on one of – if not the – biggest social media platforms is of the essence if you’re to make a name for yourself in the real estate world. 

Start by creating a profile for your real estate business, optimize it by adding relevant keywords in the bio, and then populate your account with attached content such as your services, bits of real estate advice, and even your current listings. And for the design aspect, you’re already covered with a hoard of Instagram post templates courtesy of PosterMyWall.

Simply pick a design, edit and customize it, and post! It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3 – and the fact that PosterMyWall is so easy to use makes it even better! And what’s more, the platform is completely free to use, so you can make as many designs as you need without incurring extra costs. 

If there’s one lesson to learn and keep close to heart, it’s that connections get you far. And as a beginner realtor, using your network to build clientele is one of the most effective methods out there. 

You can either reach out to relevant businesses or individuals that are linked to the real estate sector – this could include interior designers, construction companies, raw material suppliers, or even hardware and furniture businesses or connect with businesses and influential individuals in general that could promote your real estate offerings. 

As for the relevant businesses, you can exchange promotions for promotions, make a bundle offer where customers can avail services from both businesses for an exclusive price, or conduct joint marketing campaigns. Not only will the added audience be beneficial while acquiring clients, but it’ll also help with your new business’ reputation if your partner company is already established.

Send an Email – or Two

There’s nothing quite as powerful as email marketing. There’s a reason why businesses and individuals all over the world have been using emails to acquire and retain customers for decades – and the same reasons can work to make your real estate business a success with the help of email marketing. 

You can create campaigns around a particular service that you’re offering, a specific location in which you’re dealing, or a limited-time promotion. It’s key to remember that the first thing your email recipients will see is your subject line – so adding in elements such as a customer’s name or text indicating a sale or special offer is likely to boost your open rate. 

As for the body, adding keywords, CTAs, GIFs, and hyperlinked text will also help boost the engagement rate!

So, if you’re a beginner realtor looking to market your real estate business, then these tips and tricks are your go-to hack. Just remember to make modifications and adjustments according to your firm and you’ll be good to go!

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