Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your Garage Door in Working Condition

garage door in working condition

No home is complete without a garage. Whether it’s attached to the home or separate, garages keep your car out of the harsh weather as we go to and from our vehicles as well as keeping the elements off the vehicles themselves. Of course, your garage isn’t complete without a good garage door, and proper upkeep of the door is key to making your garage the best it can be. Here are four ways to make sure you are keeping your garage door in working condition.

Lubricate the Springs

Above your garage door, you have two long, coiled springs. These springs make it easier for the garage to move up and down. Over time, the tightly coiled springs can rust and stick to each other. Eventually, they can break. To prevent this problem, garage door professionals, like those at Byers & Butler Inc., recommend that you apply an appropriate lubricant every three months.

Perform a Safety Check

Garage doors today include a number of safety features. One of the most important is the optic sensor. Located on each side of the frame at the bottom are two small devices that share a special light beam. If this beam is interrupted, the door will not move. If the door is already coming down when the beam is broken, the door will go back up. Test the operation of this system by using an object like a broom to block one of the sensors as you close the door.

Check Gaskets and Seals

The whole point of a garage is to keep the weather outside, so it’s important to make sure your doors are weathertight. Stand inside your closed garage and look for beams of sunshine creeping in around the doors. Move your hand along the doors to check for drafts. If you detect gaps in the gaskets or seals, replace the faulty parts and get your garage tightened up.

Inspect the Chain or Belt

Your door uses an electric motor to draw the door up and down using a belt or chain. If this mechanism gets in bad condition, it could break and allow your door to free fall. Properly lubricate your chain or check for cracks and dry rot in rubber belts. Make sure that it moves freely as you raise and lower the door.

With a few simple steps like these, you can easily keep your garage door in top condition for many years, helping you avoid inconvenient and costly breakdowns while keeping your vehicles and family out of the weather.

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