7 Best HVAC And Plumber SEO Tips And Strategies Proven to Boost Leads And Grow Your Plumbing Company Faster

HVAC and Plumber SEO Tips
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This article addresses the following questions: 

  • Do plumbing companies need SEO?
  • What is plumbing SEO? 
  • How is SEO used by plumbing companies?
  • Why is plumber SEO so hard to do?
  • Should I hire a plumbing SEO company to do it for me?
  • How quickly can my plumbing website rank higher in Google search results?
  • How to get free plumbing leads or more plumbing and HVAC leads?

Lead generation is a big challenge for most plumbing and HVAC companies. It is almost impossible to generate enough leads without adequate investment in plumbing SEO. Small businesses focused on a specific area have to stand out from their competition online. Many competitors have a similar set of selling propositions and that can hinder SEO for plumbing and HVAC companies. That is why every step matters. 

There are 3 reasons why having an SEO strategy is important for a plumbing and HVAC business. 

Targeted Plumbing and HVAC Marketing 

You can target your customers much more easily online. Google and other search engines have a lot of data on the demographics and interests of their users. They can help your content reach the audience that it needs to reach to help you increase your sales. Making sure that you have a constant source of leads is very important for your business to scale quickly. 

Google SEO goes a long way in helping you reach a specific group of people who need your services. For example, someone who is searching for plumbing or HVAC services across Google will be more likely to see your social media ads. That means that your content will reach the audience that is the most likely to convert under its influence. 

Beat Plumber and HVAC Contractor Competitors 

For plumbing and HVAC businesses, investing in SEO is very important because of the very high competition level. There are multiple small businesses in the area offering the same services as them. Most of them will have a website comparable to your plumbing and HVAC business website. That is why ranking higher across search engines is even more important for you. 

Have Your Plumbing or HVAC Business Rank Locally In Search Engines

Most people around you would search online for a product or service they need. That is why your business needs to be at the top of the list they find online. Google pay-per-click ads and paid SEO will help your plumbing business beat rivals quickly. However, that is not necessary unless one of your competitors has already invested in that and secured the top spot. The second or third place is also not a bad option if you rank for the right keywords. 

If you want to grow your HVAC and Plumbing company, but aren’t a professional marketer, you can hire it out. Companies like SkyrocketResultsSEO.com help Plumbers, HVAC contractors and Electricians boost their leads, get more customers and grow their companies. 

If you’re in the Plumbing or HVAC business and do not want to be in the internet marketing business, hire your marketing out to professionals. Experts in Plumber and HVAC SEO are light years ahead of any small businessperson who wants to do their own or in house marketing. 

Why not just piggyback on the expertise and years of experience of Plumber and HVAC contractor marketers? They’ve spent years seeing what works and what doesn’t with dozens of other Plumbing and Heating and Cooling businesses!

How to Craft the Perfect Plumbing And HVAC SEO Strategy 

Here are three things that you must keep in mind when coming up with an SEO strategy for your plumbing and HVAC business. 

Carefully Analyze the Competition 

Making sure that you know who you’re up against is important. Your competition decides what your market expects from you. It sets certain standards for your plumbing and HVAC business. When it comes to SEO, competitive analysis is the first deciding factor for how much effort you will have to invest in a certain piece of content to make it rank higher in search results. 

Build a Strong Brand Image 

A strong brand image that resonates with your audience increases user engagement. It also convinces Google that you are an authentic business functioning in a specific area and serving a specific audience. Using a consistent color scheme, font set, and keyword pattern across multiple pages will help Google rank your content higher against many relevant keywords. 

Use Plumber And HVAC SEO-Optimized Metadata and Search Snippets 

The term metadata refers to certain parts of your content that show up in Google search or help Google rank your content against the right keywords. The page title and SEO title, for example, are two different things. Both need to be optimized for SEO separately. They are a part of your page metadata. The SEO title is a part of your search result on Google. The page title is what shows up at the top of the page after a user lands on it. 

Optimize the User Experience of Your Website

The user experience of your website also affects how highly Google ranks you in its search results. It will increase the amount of time that an average user spends on your web pages. That time is one of the most important factors in deciding the SEO of your plumbing and HVAC business. If you are offering a better experience compared to competitors, your customers will be more likely to trust you over them. 

Content is King

The best SEO plumbing strategies focus on the most effective parts of the process of plumbing SEO. Content is the key driver of SEO strategies for plumbing and HVAC business. Your content, including text and graphics, decides how big of an impact your business has on its audience. For example, visual stimuli from images across your website will decide how much interest your audience takes in your content. Make sure that you keep the graphics on par with the text.

HVAC and Plumber SEO Tips
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Pay Attention to the Page Loading Speed 

Page loading speed is another deciding factor for local SEO for plumbers and HVAC contractors. Making sure that all of your pages load quickly will increase your search rankings way more effectively than many other SEO tips and strategies. Users abandon purchases due to slow loading. They never wait for a result to load more than a few seconds. That is why Google always strives to be user-friendly by placing the fastest loading results at the top. 

Use Google Paid Marketing 

Paid marketing beats SEO because Google ads always appear at the top of the search results page. They are followed by websites that have improved their SEO but have not invested enough money in paid Search Engine Optimization. That’s why you are bound to lose to the competitors that are investing enough money in Google Paid Marketing. Make sure that you rank at the top at least for your specific locality even if you have to make an investment in Google ads for it. The returns on such investments are far greater than their total costs. 


As a small business, you have to make sure that you keep your HVAC and plumbing SEO strategy economical. However, investing the right amount of resources in the right activities will increase the returns that you get on any investment that you make in local SEO for your plumbing or HVAC company. Our 7 tips will help you outshine the local competition and make sure that you rank higher on Google for local plumbing and HVAC-related keywords. 

Author Bio:

Mark Buckingham grew up in a Plumbing and HVAC family business. Mark has over 21 years of professional internet marketing and SEO experience (in results). He’s a leading expert in helping Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical businesses get to the top of Google, boost leads, get more customers and grow their company. As the founder of Skyrocket Results SEO, he’s on a mission to help HVAC contractors, Plumbers, and Electricians avert internet marketing mistakes, avoid wasted marketing dollars, increase profits and build wealth. His free Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical company marketing blog is: www.SkyrocketResultsseo.com/blog

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