Dysfunctional Garage Door? At Home Solutions to Save Money

dysfunctional garage door
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The garage door is one of the most crucial elements in your home’s overall design. Unfortunately, it is also the part that is often given the least attention. While hiring a professional to do a full garage door replacement can be expensive, there are some simple DIY solutions you can use to fix a dysfunctional garage door. These include the following:

Clean A Rusty Door Track

Garage door tracks help the door to slide smoothly on the ground. However, if it has rusted or is not properly lubricated, the door can run into trouble after a few years of use. Also, a rusty door track can cause potential accidents. Luckily, you can always fix this problem by scrubbing the track regularly using steel wool, vinegar, and baking soda.

Fix A Clattering Garage Door

If you hear clattering when your garage door opens and closes, it is probably time to do garage door repairs. The clattering sound is normally caused by uneven springs, blocked wheels, or a bent track. Instead of hiring an expert and spending a hefty amount of money, you can always repair it yourself by replacing the troublesome springs.

dysfunctional garage door
Image from FreePik

Realign the Misplaced Safety Sensors

Safety sensors can either be placed on the track or at the bottom of your garage door. Their purpose is to stop the door from closing if a person or an object is in its path. However, if these sensors are misaligned, you could be at risk for injury as well as property loss. To avoid this problem, fix it by realigning sensors by adjusting them based on their position with your garage door open. If you notice one of your safety sensors is not working properly, simply replace it with a new one.

Fix Garage Door Cables

Cables play a big role in the overall performance of your garage door. The door cables work together with springs to help turn your door and maintain its balance. However, if they are broken or damaged, you might end up paying thousands of dollars to replace them. Instead, you can use simple tools to fix these cables and make your garage door functional once again.

Replace Worn Out Weather Seal

Weather seals generally prevent moisture and debris from building up in your garage. However, if they are worn out over a few years of use, you might notice that water is pooling around the door. When this happens, you should immediately spray water or lubricants on these seals to improve their working condition. Also, you can replace them using a replacement kit sold by most hardware stores.

Final Thoughts

A dysfunctional garage door can be a huge problem. While many people opt to hire an expert to repair such doors, you will spend hundreds of dollars in the process. However, if you are willing to make simple fixes, you can save lots of money and time. All you need is a few basic tools and a good knowledge of how each part of your garage door works.

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