Why Custom Wood Fences Are a Sustainable and Durable Option

Custom Wood Fences
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A quality wood fence can enhance the appearance of your property. It can also improve the value of your home should you decide to sell. A custom wood fence is built stick by stick, allowing the builder to select the best lumber. This includes choosing thicker, more durable boards than you get with premade panels.


A wood fence offers a natural way to limit views and provide privacy. A framed opening can also accent focal points in your landscape. Framed doors can be painted or stained to create a unique look. A custom wood fence has the potential to last longer than other types of fencing materials. It can be made from various kinds of wood, but cedar is an excellent option for durability. Cedar releases scents repellant to different insects and can help prevent rot common with other wood species.

The longevity of a wood fence depends on how it is treated and the type of lumber used. Choosing a custom wood fences Tallahassee FLcompany that builds their walls onsite using high-quality lumber each time is best. Look for planks that look dry, as opposed to green or damp. The wood will be less prone to warping and twisting, making it more durable and ensuring that your fence will remain in good condition for years.


A custom wood fence allows you to create a unique design that conveys the aesthetic you are looking for in your yard. It’s more than just a way to complete privacy and enclose your property; it can also enhance the overall look of your home.

A well-constructed wood fence will last for a very long time. You will want to ensure your contractor uses pressure-treated lumber, properly installed posts and a high-grade fence board and rail system. The proper amount of moisture (rain, hosing down and sprinklers) should be shed from the structure so that it doesn’t rot or cause structural problems. Excessive plant growth can damage the fence, but a proper planting plan with trellises is critical to protect your investment and extend the structure’s life. To give it a personal touch, You can customize your fence with trim, lattice, trellis work, finials, post caps and other accents. It is also a great idea to use a stain or paint for your fencing to help increase the longevity of the materials.

Ease of Maintenance

Wood fences look good at the time of installation, but it is a given that they will begin to show signs of wear over the years. That can be a nice look for rural properties, but it often means deterioration and a need for maintenance and possibly replacement. Depending on the type of wood used, stains can help to preserve and protect from water, sun, heat and weathering. A well-chosen shame will add to the longevity and beauty of a wood fence. Cedar is a very durable and low-maintenance wood fencing option. It ages to a natural silver gray without any staining, or you can paint it to enhance the color and protect it from the elements. Cedar also resists the effects of winds better than other woods. This is particularly important when choosing a wood fence in areas that experience high wind speeds. Other woods require extra bracing and may need more frequent staining to protect against wind damage.


Wood fences add value to your home and yard. They can be built in various styles to suit your property and complement your home, whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary, rustic or country style. A custom wood fence is lighter and more affordable than concrete, stucco, stone and brick fences. It is also versatile and easily customized with different trim, moldings, and other design features like lattice. Cedar custom wood fences are durable and naturally resist moisture and harsh weather conditions. They are also eco-friendly and don’t require chemical treatments. Cedar is rich in natural oils that preserve the wood. However, many homeowners choose to stain their cedar fences. Stains also provide color and beauty to your backyard. Moreover, stains will last longer than paints and sealants. Having your wood fence custom-built onsite allows the installer to construct the wall to adapt to the landscape.

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