7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Garden Shed

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When you decide on building a garden, start with small garden tools; before you know it, you will have a host of tools and other garden equipment. As the size of your garden increases, so will the need to increase the storage capacity of your garden appliances. Simply putting them in one corner of the garden won’t be the ideal solution; you will need a proper garden shed that lasts for decades and fulfills your storage needs. A storage shed is a long-term investment; getting it right the first time is essential. That is why it is crucial to research and ask the following questions before making such a necessary purchase. Here are seven things you should ask before buying a garden shed.

What Is Your Shed Usage?

Defining the usage is the first step. A vertical storage shed, a storage shed with a workshop option, a storage shed for sharing bulky equipment, or a storage shed for garden furniture. The number of things that you need to consider can be a lot. Ideally, a shed with a workshop should be bigger so you can work comfortably. On the other hand, a shed for storing equipment such as lawnmowers can have two doors for easy maneuverability. Identify the need first before trying to fulfill it with a storage shed.

What Should Be the Size of The Shed?

This is the primary assessment you need to make after defining the usage. The size will depend on the space available in your garden. You can choose a shed kit to create a vertical storage shed, a storage shed with double doors, a small shed for compact spaces, etc. The size can even be customized as per your needs. If you have ample room, always go for a large storage shed. You will always need more space than you think while planning, so it’s best to make your buying decision based on your possible future needs. 

Plastic, Metal or Wood?

Traditionally a wooden shed has been a mainstay in most gardens for good reasons. They are sturdy and easy to assemble, and the wood easily blends into your garden. Over the years, metal sheds have become popular because they are more secure than other materials. However, they are challenging to assemble and may only be for some. Plastic sheds have also gained popularity recently. They are generally fortified with metal pillars for a more robust frame and come with several customization options. 

What Should Be the Roof Type?

There are essentially three roof options for your shed. Before buying a garden shed you should research roof types on the shed and know they all come with their unique advantages:

Flat Roof

As the name says, this roof type will have a flat top. The design looks simple and is popular among homeowners due to its cheap construction cost. 

Skillion Roof

This option is a bit expensive compared to a flat roof but has a more practical design. The top is built so that one of the walls is taller than the other three. It is easier to clean, and there’s a lower chance of snow or rain damage.

Gable Roof

A gable roof is the most popular option among owners, and if envisioned & designed correctly, it can become a seamless extension of your home. A gable roof provides more headspace and better air circulation, making it an ideal design if you plan to work in your shed.

before buying a garden shed
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What Should Be the Flooring?

The flooring generally comes as a standard part of most sheds except metal sheds, where you may have to buy a floor type at an additional cost. Even if your shed comes with flooring, it is essential to consider customization based on your needs. Plan to store bulky equipment? Then the floor should be thicker to wither essential wear & tear. Moisture should also be considered when deciding; if the base needs to be narrower, the ground moisture may sag or soften the floor, leading to untimely repairs. 

What Should Be the Price?

Plastic sheds are the cheapest options available on the market, and the price keeps increasing as the size of the shed grows. Adding additional features, such as double doors, better security, weatherproofing, etc., raises the price. Always remember, go for the option that provides more quality, even if it comes at a slight premium. 

What features does it have?

If you need something with a roof, four walls, and doors, then you can find plenty of options! Such basic sheds, however, while fulfilling their purpose, fail to deliver utility on so many levels. You can opt for feature-rich sheds with hooks, locks, shelves, and in-built storage systems to maximize the utility of your garden shed. Options like the Suncast Convington Storage Resin Shed include additional shelving, hook, and basket accessories. Always factor in the needed features before zeroing in on a shed.

The time you spend in and using your garden shed will keep increasing. That is why it makes a lot of sense to put proper research behind finding the apt garden shed for your home. A vertical garden shed or storage shed with high storage options or a simple flat roof shed is all viable options. You may feel overwhelmed with so many options, and to make your buying decision more accessible, we have the best solution – ask these questions before buying a garden shed, and you’ll know just what you need.

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