4 Best Carpet Styles for a Big Family

carpet styles for a big family

When you have a big family that consists of kids and probably a few four-legged family members as well, you know just how much of a toll everyone can take on your home’s carpeting. Whether it’s stuff getting spilled on it or areas where the carpeting has a constant stream of people and pets walking back and forth, it’s not long until you’re in need of new carpeting. If you’re wondering which are the best carpet styles for a big family, here are four you should keep in mind when making your selection.


When you want carpeting that is made to be very durable, won’t bust your budget and comes in a wide array of colors, it’s hard to resist Berber carpeting. An excellent choice for high-traffic areas, Berber carpeting is very comfortable to walk on and resists most if not all types of stains. No matter where in your home you want to carpet, Berber is a great choice.

carpet styles for a big family


While shag carpeting may look a bit unruly when compared to Berber and will require more work to maintain and keep clean, it can still work very well in a large family household. If your main priority for carpeting in your home is comfort, shag is the hands-down winner each and every time. Should you be considering carpeting installation in areas of your home that have lower levels of foot traffic, shag will work quite nicely.


Soft, easy to clean, and very appealing from a visual standpoint, plush carpeting consists of very short fibers that make it extremely comfortable years after it was first installed. A great choice for your home’s bedrooms and living room, plush carpeting turns any room where it is used into one that is very cozy. Should your kids need new carpeting in their bedrooms or you want a type of carpet that lets everyone lie down on the living room floor to watch television, consider choosing plush.


Finally, you may want to consider Saxony carpeting for certain parts of your home. Using fibers that are very long and textured, this type of carpeting is also very popular in bedrooms and living rooms. Though its softness makes it a bit more prone to denting from heavy furniture, it is very comfortable and comes in many different colors and designs.

Once your home has beautiful and comfortable carpet installed in the empty room in your home that you plan to make a new playroom, bedrooms, living room, and other areas as well, you and your family will feel as if you have moved into a new and elegant showplace. I hope this has answered your question and helped you choose the best carpet styles for a big family!

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