What to Do When You Find Bees Have Taken Over Your Garden

Bees Have Taken Over Your Garden
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Have you ever strolled into your garden, then all of a sudden, gotten stunned by the swarm of bees on a flower? As much as bees are pollinators whose presence is essential for a healthy garden, too much of them can be overwhelming. It’s not just for people allergic to them, it can also mean an imbalance in your garden’s ecosystem. So, what should you do when you find bees have taken over your garden? Here are some tips.

Don’t Panic, Observe

The first thing to do when you see bees in your garden is to avoid panicking. Bees are not naturally aggressive, and they don’t attack unless they feel that they or their hive is under threat. So, the best thing is to stop and observe the bees’ behavior. It will help you understand the species of bees in your garden and where their hive is located. If the bees are flying in and out of your walls, for example, they might have a hive in there.

Avoid Disturbing Them

Disturbing bees can cause them to swarm and sting. Therefore, in the case you find that they have a beehive, it’s best to avoid disturbing it for now. If the beehive is in an area you don’t go to often, then let them be until you can get a honey bee relocation specialist. If it’s in a spot that needs to be removed for safety or other reasons, you should try to seal the area and call professionals that can be there to remove them quickly.

Get Professional Help

If you are unsure of what to do or where to start because the bees seem to have no hive, it is best to seek professional help. Contact a local beekeeper or removal specialist that can carefully remove the swarm without harming the bees. They will also guide you on how to prevent more hives in the future.

Plant the Right Flowers

Bees are attracted to some flowers, so it’s good to plant bee-friendly flowers in your garden to divert their attention. Flowers like lavender, sunflowers, and marigolds are gentle on bees and can help keep them at bay for your other plants. It is also important to avoid planting flowers that repel bees, like tobacco plants, as it will only harm their population.

Keep Your Environment Clean

Cleaning your environment can help discourage bees from swarming your garden. Bees are attracted to sweet nectar and sugar, thus, it is crucial to clean up fallen fruit and spilled drinks. Avoid leaving sugary leftovers, such as sodas, around your garden to avoid attracting them. Insects that prey on bees, such as spiders and mantis, can also distract them from your garden. It is best to avoid using pesticides, as they can be harmful to both bees and other beneficial insects in your garden.

Bees can do wonders for a garden, but too many of them can create an imbalance in the environment. It is necessary to take action when you find they have taken over your garden, as this will ensure that both you and your bees remain safe. Taking these tips into consideration will help you manage the bee population in your garden correctly.

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