5 Non-Traditional Additions to Add to Your Backyard

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The right additions can utterly transform your backyard. They can also improve existing features, tie a decorative theme together, or make it easier to socialize during barbecues and pool parties. Listed down below are just a few creative non-traditional additions to your backyard to wow any guest you might bring over.

1. Fountains

Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, so they are easily added to backyards of all budgets, terrains, and styles. Courtyard fountains will look impressively royal; waterfall fountains will look like something out of a nature magazine. Fountains with eastern elements can bring zen to your life. Something like a bird bath will encourage new visitors to your yard. Some might even say the sounds that come from the fountains are very soothing. This will add another layer of comfort to your backyard as well as make it visually appealing.

2. Conversation Pit

If you love to gather folks in the backyard, you need a dedicated space for socializing. Most homeowners build a deck, patio, or pavilion to accomplish this, but more inventive, non-traditional additions is a conversation pit. A throwback to the ’50s and ’60s with an undeniable vintage flair, a conversation pit is a concave space in a room or yard where visitors go “down” to talk to each other. In modern times, they are commonly accessorized with things like couches and fire pits. Not many people usually go to this idea first so when you have one built it will surely be a conversation starter and even be a blast from the past to some.

Non-Traditional Additions
Image by freepik.com

3. Tiki Hut

Turn any suburban backyard into a tropical paradise with the addition of a Tiki hut. It is actually much easier to construct than you would think, and you can hire a professional Tiki builder if you do not want to deal with raising the wood or thatching the roof on your own. When it is finished, you will be able to lay back and sip coconut drinks like you are in the heart of Fiji. Of course, this build is a little harder to sell on the typical backyard. Most people who invest in Tiki huts usually have a more beach like aesthetic for their backyards. So if that is the look you are looking for, this one is for you!

4. Natural Swimming Pool

A natural pool is one that does not use concrete or chlorine. Instead, it is designed to look like a swimming pond that you would find in nature. Plants like reeds and cattails are used to naturally filter the water while also adding that fun wilderness aesthetic, and other decorations can include lily pads, sitting rocks, and swamp hibiscus. Like the Tiki huts, this one will work for a more green aesthetic backyard. The earthiness of it will surely make your yard pop if that is what you want.

5. Hanging Lights or Flowers

Many homeowners think horizontally when they are renovating their backyard: They see the grass as a flat platform on which things can be stacked on top. An alternate way of viewing your backyard is looking upwards. You can string fairy lights on trees and fence posts; you can use vines or baskets to create hanging floral arrangements. Not only will it be visually dynamic, but it will make the most out of the limited square footage. It will also ensure you are able to enjoy your yard in both the day and night time if you choose to add lights.

These are just a few non-traditional additions that go beyond the usual decks and gazebos. For a fun, memorable backyard, you will need to think outside of the box. Just remember the tips listed above and your backyard will surely begin to turn into the yard of your dreams.

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