AC Maintenance You Need to Perform as Summer Winds Down

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As the summer season comes to an end, you may no longer have much use for your air conditioner while spending time indoors. Although many people perform AC maintenance at the start of summer, it’s also important to give the appliance attention once fall approaches due to how much it’s been in use throughout the season. Here are a few important AC maintenance tasks to perform to ensure the appliance remains in great shape.

Test the Unit

Test the unit by listening to it run to determine if any unusual sounds or noises are present. You may hear metallic noises or rattling as the appliance is in use, which indicates repairs need to be performed. A technician can investigate the issue and repair or replace the necessary parts.

Replace the AC Filter

The filter in your air conditioner can become dirty quickly as it traps a lot of dirt, pet dander, and pollen that circulate in the air during the summer months. Replacing the filter will maintain proper airflow and will prevent the parts from working harder than necessary to operate. The filter becomes clogged during the season due to dirt and grime that becomes trapped. Installing a new air filter will allow the air conditioner to operate more efficiently and can increase its lifespan.

Inspect the Electrical Connections

Check all of the electrical connections to give attention to any wiring issues that could have developed. You might even hire a professional electrician to look for incorrect fuse types, faulty thermostats, or bad capacitors to ensure the electrical system is in good condition and safe to use. The technician can also inspect your heater and perform heater repair during the appointment to ensure it’s ready to be used throughout the colder months of the year.

AC Maintenance
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Clean the Condenser Coils

Clean the condenser coils to remove any debris and grime that may have accumulated over time. You can clean or vacuum the various parts while inspecting the fins to look for any damage that may be present. During this process, you can also remove the casing to clean the inside of the air conditioner unit.

When you perform AC maintenance at the end of the summer you give your appliance a chance at running for a lot longer since it gets some serious TLC after having been in use fairly heavily. This is a great opportunity to find and replace any worn-out or breaking-down parts, as well as clean out the rest of the unit so it’s ready for continued use going into fall and winter. Taking a look at your unit once summer winds down and you can afford to have it out of commission for a short period of time also means it’s a great chance to get any serious repairs done since the technician would likely have to shut your unit off in order to safely work on it. This reduces the chances of a major failure later on when you need the unit.

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