8 Signs Your Septic System is Failing

Septic systems are often taken for granted until they start to fail. At that point, it can be difficult to know what is wrong and how to fix it. In some cases, the only solution may be to replace the entire system. There are signs your septic system is failing.

Signs Your Septic System
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The sewer system in your house removes dirty water and transports it away. Sewage pipes, like ordinary plumbing pipes, can have serious issues from time to time. These issues fall into many categories, but they all have the potential to cause major damage if you don’t notice them. Because your sewer lines are subterranean, detecting them might be difficult. How will you know when you need qualified licensed plumber expertise for sewage repair?

Here are eight signs your septic system may be on the brink of failure. If after reading these warning signs, you are concerned that you have a problem, seek advice from someone like this Columbus septic pumping company or a local septic company.

Pooling of septic waste

Pools of water on your property are generally a symptom that something is wrong. Water may escape through cracks in the sewer line. It can then rise onto your property, forming puddles and wet patches of grass as a result.


Awful smells

Sewer pipes are similar to other plumbing pipes in that they’re designed to keep gases and water from straying where they shouldn’t. Any damage to the pipes might result in a leak, allowing sewage with a strong odor into your home. If there is a blockage in your sewer or drain pipes, your drains may become smelly as well.

Gurgling in your pipes

When you use your plumbing, don’t be shocked if you hear some noises from it. However, if the noises continue even after no plumbing is being utilized, you should be concerned. The most usual reason for these sounds is when blockages trap air in the pipes.

signs your septic system
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Damage to your home’s foundation

A sewer pipe break may result in significant property damage. The leaking water can lead to the deterioration of your home’s foundation over time. Water might also cause sinkholes and damage the foundation of your home. If you maintain your system properly, you’ll be unlikely to encounter a problem of this kind.

More bugs and rodents

Mosquitoes and other insects that lay their eggs in pools will often congregate around stagnating pools of water, especially sewage. You’ll also notice more mice and rats in areas near sewage. If you’re noticing more rodents in your yard, make sure no leaking pipes are to blame.

Pipes draining slower

When your drains slow down or stop working altogether, it is a typical occurrence. Some drain-slowing issues, on the other hand, may not be in your sewer system. Check how many drains are slowing down to get an overall sense of where the blockage is. If every drain in your house is having problems, you should contact a plumber immediately.

A more green or dead lawn

If sewage leaks out, the water in it may help your plants develop. Microorganisms in sewage, on the other hand, will make your grass ill and kill it. If your lawn appears to be unusually robust or is suddenly dying away.

Rising water bills

It’s critical for any homeowner to keep an eye on their bills in order to avoid any sudden hikes in costs. Even though you aren’t using the water, you are still paying for it because of leaks in pipes. Check your sewage and drain lines for damage and leaks if your water costs increase rapidly.


Your sewer system is one of the most important parts of your house, and it needs to be in good working order at all times. If you suspect that there is a problem with your system, don’t delay in contacting a qualified plumber. The sooner you catch the issue, the less damage it will do to your property.

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