4 Electrical Issues You Probably Need an Electrician For

As a homeowner, it’s often tempting to try and fix everything that breaks down yourself. Not only does fixing things yourself save money, but it also can be a fun challenge. However, there are some things a homeowner should not attempt to fix such as electrical issues.

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Among the things that are too dangerous for the average homeowner to attempt are electrical repairs. Without the proper knowledge or training, shorts, electrical fires, and even electrocution are all possibilities.

Electrical Issues Causing Breakers to Constantly Trip

Of course, if a breaker trips, it’s certainly OK to flip it back on. Breakers sometimes trip if they are overloaded. For example, running your microwave oven while blow drying your hair on the same circuit could overload it. You need to be careful not to run more than one high-drawing appliance on each circuit.

However, if a breaker is constantly tripping, that indicates a more serious, systemic problem. Simply flipping it back on won’t solve the issue, and could lead to something more serious, like an electrical fire. If you have a breaker that’s constantly being tripped, it’s time to call an electrician.

Flickering Lights and Power Fluctuations

If you notice small power fluctuations that cause your lights to flicker, that is a tell tale sign you have electrical issues and need to call an electrician. It could be one of your appliances, faulty wiring, or a bad breaker. Tracing the source requires the professional tools and knowledge of a licensed electrician. Flickering lights could indicate fluctuations in power, so be sure to be aware of this. This is something you always want to keep in mind when working on your electrical system. There is always time for this sort of thing.

Historic and Old Homes Always Require Professional Electrical Services

Restoring a historic home is a labor of love for many homeowners. However, you might need professional electrical services to help you out. While you can certainly handle painting and much of the carpentry yourself, leave any electrical work to a professional. This is because, over time, the electrical systems of old and historic homes often become a dangerous patchwork of outdated and amateur electrical work. For example, your vintage home could have a mix of two-prong and three-prong outlets. Also, your wiring and electrical panel could be dangerously outdated.

If you have any suspicions about the safety of the electrical system in an old home, schedule an inspection with a licensed electrician.

Electrical Issues
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Odors From Light Switches or Outlets

If you notice a smell coming from any outlet or light switch, stop using it immediately and call an electrician. This indicates an electrical short, and continuing to use the outlet or switch could result in a fire. You’ll need an electrician to pinpoint the short, and also replace the switch or outlet. If you smell anything coming out of a light socket or a switch on an appliance or lamp, you want to make sure to turn it off right away. That smell could indicate burning wires and a potential fire hazard.

While you can do many projects and repairs around the house yourself, electrical issues are best left to a licensed electrician.

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